Features: Its time to play!

Why Play Perfect Poker?

- Displays top players by timeframe (world and friends)
- Lobby user profile with key information
- In game profile
- Pictures and avatars
- Lobby and room chat
- Buy gifts and drinks for other players
- Virtual store
- Achievements and levels
- See your online friends (so you can play at the same table)
- Create dynamic private rooms

Perfect Poker Bonuses

Every time players login they recieve bonuses just for playing, players recieve a daily lottery bonus and hourly lottery bonus, free chips help you move to higher tables, gain experience and grow your fans.

Community Feel Gameplay

Connect with other poker enthusiasts throught forums, blogs, groups and crews and our fan pages. We even have Live real time chat on our poker tables! Improve your game in our Poker School learning the basics of texas holdem poker, includes the much loved hand strengths!

Perfect Poker Overview

Perfect Poker represents real multiplayer poker on the facebook platform, Unlike other well known poker rooms on Facebook.com, Perfect Poker strives to be different and provide its players with the highest and fun entertainment possible. With over 150+ live tables, private rooms and sitNgos it promises to bring poker to millions of homes worldwide.

Our FUN Features: